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Why Does My Car Make Noise When I Turn

2019 Honda Civic Si Sedan
As your car experiences wear and tear, you might start to hear some new noises while operating your vehicle. One of the common car noises drivers notice is a noise when they turn their steering wheel. This new sound can mean a variety of different things depending on the type of sound and speed at which it happens. To help Lawrence drivers narrow down that cause, the team at Honda North attempts to answer today’s question, “Why does my car make noise when I turn?” Explore some common causes with us, or visit our Danvers service center for a proper diagnosis!

Common Car Noises When Turning the Steering Wheel

If your vehicle is working properly, it won’t make any noise when turning the steering wheel. If you start to hear a clunking, popping, creaking, squealing, groaning, screeching, or whining noise, then something is off. The problem may be a simple fix, or it may be more serious. Schedule an appointment to have your vehicle seen by a mechanic to be on the safe side.

Reasons Your Car Makes a Noise When You Turn the Wheel

There are multiple reasons your car could be making a noise when you turn the wheel. Today we are breaking down the most common car noises and their causes:

  • Suspension Joints: A creaking, clunking, or popping sound heard at lower speeds could indicate worn out or broken suspension joints.
  • Power Steering Pump: Also heard at low speeds, this sound is most often described as a whining sound that seems to be coming from the engine.
  • CV Joints: If you notice a crunching noise when turning at high speeds, the main culprit is usually the CV joints.
  • Power Steering System: A screeching or whining noise while turning at normal speeds could mean an issue resides within the power steering system itself. This complex system consists of hoses, belts, and more that can all fail over time. While some of these fixes are simple, such as topping off the power steering fluid, others can be more involved.
  • Tie Rods: A clunking noise when turning could indicate a loose or broken tie rod.
  • Sway Bar Link: With a failing sway bar link, you will likely experience poor handling and notice a knocking noise while you are turning.
  • Ball Joints: If the ball joints are the problem, you will often hear a creaking sound that gets louder over time.
  • Bushing: Bushing issues usually create a creaking noise. The bushing joint is part of your suspension system and can either need lubrication or need to be replaced as time goes on.
  • Struts and Shocks: If you have noticed a noise coupled with a bouncy and loose feel when going over bumps in Everett, then chances are the problem is with your shocks and struts.

Diagnose Your Car Noises at Honda North

While we have provided some answers to the question, “Why does my car make noises when I turn?” it will take a professional to determine the cause. You can trust the certified technicians at Honda North to evaluate your vehicle. We also offer service specials to make your maintenance and repairs more affordable. Our team is here to help if you’re experiencing different problems with your vehicle such as water leakage, and more.

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