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What Do Your Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

2020 Honda Accord dashboard

The various Honda dashboard warning lights aren’t there just to decorate the space, as they convey important information that keeps you and your passengers safe on Danvers roads. Your Honda warning lights help you easily recognize any potential vehicle problems and help you stay on top of your Honda service schedule. Understand what these handy lights mean and if you need to take action to protect your Danvers commute at the Honda North Service Center.

How to Read Honda Dashboard Warning Lights

With many different Honda warning lights on your dashboard, our team is here to break them down and let you know what they mean. Your Honda dashboard warning lights highlight the functionality of some of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, identify any issues or fixes that must be addressed before they continue to hinder your performance on Danvers roads. These are some of the different Honda warning lights and what they mean below:

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring: This light indicates the vehicle has inadequate tire pressure or improperly inflated tires.
  • All-Wheel Drive: For vehicles equipped with AWD, a blinking indicator light means that the system has overheated or malfunctioned and requires immediate service. A steady light means the system is engaged.
  • Electronic Power Steering: A problem with the EPS system could prevent the vehicle from responding as it should during emergency maneuvers, so it should be checked.
  • Vehicle Stability Assist: This light indicates a problem with VSA or Hill Start Assist system, which could fail during aggressive driving or when trying to start the vehicle on an incline in Somersworth.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: A problem with this system could prevent the vehicle from maintaining proper following distance and might cause a collision if the driver loses focus.
  • Oil Pressure Indicator: Low oil pressure could indicate a leak within the system or that the vehicle is burning excessive oil.
  • Anti Lock Braking: A problem with the ABS means the brakes will not function as they should and could overheat.
  • Supplemental Restraint System: An issue with the airbags or seat belt sensors can cause this light to activate.
  • Check Engine Light: This light could indicate a problem with the emissions control system, that the engine is ready for service, or other serious issues.
  • Lane Keeping Assist: The Lane Keeping Assist System light could mean a problem with the autonomous steering function.

Honda Warning Lights Colors

You’ll also notice that certain Honda dashboard warning lights will be different colors such as red, green, and yellow. Just as these classic colors hold great significance and part of main rules of the road, they also indicate the importance of the vehicle issue at hand. If you see a Honda dashboard light that is green, this simply means that a certain system or feature is on and in use, reminding you to turn it off when not needed. Those dashboard warning lights that are yellow indicate an issue that should be addressed soon and can lead to other problems when left fixed. If you see red warning signs, you want to take these seriously by avoiding driving your vehicle and bringing it in for service at your earliest convenience. 

Learn More About Your Honda Warning Lights at Honda North

Whether it’s a new car noise, an illuminated Honda dashboard warning lights, or if you need new spark plugs, you can trust the factory-trained technicians at Honda North. Take a look at additional service guides such as how to check your transmission fluid and you can also learn more about Honda features like the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. get back on the road. Schedule your service appointment today and save with our service specials so you can save on maintenance needs and get back on the road. Contact us today for more information on your Honda warning lights or visit our dealership in Danvers!


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