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How to Check Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Change
Proper auto maintenance will keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the Lynn area, and you might be surprised by just how many tasks you can complete at home. For example, do you know how to check your transmission fluid? It’s easier than might think. Take control of your maintenance tasks right from your Burlington garage, and contact our service department at Honda North for extra tips!

Steps to Check Transmission Fluid

Learning how to check your transmission fluid is just as easy as checking your car oil. However, you’ll need to turn on your vehicle before you begin to warm up the engine. Once you’re ready to go, follow these simple steps:

  • Find the transmission fluid dipstick. Check the owner’s manual for extra information, but on most FWD models, you’ll find it to the right of the oil dipstick.
  • Remove the dipstick and touch the fluid. Move the fluid between your finger to take note of the color and texture.
  • If the fluid is clear with a pink hue, it is in good condition. If it appears dirty or burnt, it’s time to schedule your service.
  • Wipe off the tipstick with a clean rag.
  • Insert the dipstick back into the vehicle.
  • Pull it out again and see how the fluid level compares to the markings.
  • If your fluid is under the “Full “marking, use a funnel to add more.

How Often Do You Check Your Transmission Fluid?

You know how to check your transmission fluid, so how often do you check your transmission fluid? We recommend checking your levels every month, along with power steering fluid and engine oil. This will help you establish what is normal for your vehicle, so you can easily tell if something is wrong. You can also consult your owner’s manual for more specific guidelines relating to your make and model.

Schedule Your Service Today at Honda North

Whether you’re in need of scheduled maintenance or more serious repairs, the talented technicians at Honda North are here to help. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll get your car back into shape – so you can hit the Lawrence roads with total peace of mind! While you are here, also check out our guide on what your dashboard warning lights might mean.

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