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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Oil Change

Diligent Burlington drivers know that to keep their vehicles in top form, regular oil changes are a necessity. In years past, the average recommended interval was every 3,000 miles. These days, though, many vehicles can easily go up to 10,000 miles between oil change services. Check your owner’s manual for the exact figure for your vehicle. Some strenuous uses of the vehicle may cause an increased need for oil changes. Learn more about everything from oil changes to car brakes from the service experts at Honda North.

Oil Change Frequency Guidelines

Do you often test your vehicle’s limits with the following activities?

  • Racing
  • Commercial use
  • Off-roading
  • Heavy towing

If so, you’ll want to get in touch with our dealership near Lawrence to determine if your car needs service. The mile figure listed in your owner manual is a good rule of thumb, but if you often use your vehicle in the aforementioned ways, additional or more frequent service may be needed.

Additional Oil Change Tips

Take a look at these additional facts about oil changes before you head out to visit us in Danvers:

  • An oil filter replacement should always be done with every oil change. Changing your own oil? Order the needed parts and materials from our Parts Center.
  • No matter how often you use your car, or how strenuous that use is, an oil change should be done at least twice a year. This is because oil can break down with time.
  • Check your owner’s manual to see whether your model requires synthetic or conventional oil. Synthetic sometimes costs more, but should be used if recommended in the owner’s manual.

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

In addition to regular oil changes, here are some precautions you can take every month in order to ensure that your car is running smoothly:

  • Note your oil level at least once a month, as this will alert you to oil consumption or oil leaks.
  • Keep an eye out for any change of color or presence of metal particles in the liquid, as both instances can be signs of a more serious problem.
  • If your oil level is looking low or you notice another issue, simply schedule an appointment with the experts here at Honda North.

Oil Changes and More Near Danvers

With the service specials available at Honda North, there is no need to look further for affordable car service. You can even learn more about what an alternator does or how much is an oil change. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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