Cape Ann License Plate

Cape Ann is one of New England’s most beautiful places. While construction and development continues to expand, Cape Ann remains one of the great unspoiled places in Massachusetts. Show your support and get your Cape Ann license plate today!


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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the $40 a one-time payment? No. The $40 is paid every two years coinciding with your registration renewal along with the standard renewal fee of $60. So, the total is $100 every two years.

Where do I pick-up my plates? If you qualify to order the plates online, the plates are mailed to your home, you do not need to go to the registry.

Can I reserve a custom license plate number? No, although low number plates from 1 – 100 have been reserved for future auction – please call the Cape Ann Chamber if you are interested in getting on a contact list for the auctions.

Can I have letters on my plate? No. Letters are not allowed until all the 4 digit numbers, through 9999, are used.

Can leased vehicles have a Cape Ann License Plate (specialty plate)? Yes, leased vehicles can get a plate. However, people with leased vehicles cannot order the plate online, they must go in person to a Registry location.

How will the license plate proceeds be distributed back to Cape Ann? Proceeds are distributed through an affiliated non-profit organization, the Cape Ann Community Foundation, comprised of board members representing each of the four Cape Ann communities.

Please contact the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce with any other questions on this important and exciting community initiative.